Salaries, Perquisites and Profits in lieu of salaries

Salaries Perquisite Profits in lieu of Salary
 This includes annuity or any pension recieved These may include rent free accommodation These are in the form of compensation for the termination or modification in the terms of employment
 It includes wages It includes accommodation provided at concessional rates Any payment from the employer or from a PF or other fund, such that it does not consist of the employees contribution 
 It is a broad term including perquisites, profit in lieu, fees, commission in addition to any salary or wages It includes amenities, facilities or benefits granted free of cost or at concessional rates by the employer Any sum recieved under a Keyman insurance policy including bonus on such policy
 Includes advances It refers to the obligtions of employee met by the employer Any amount recieved in lumpsum or otherwise from any person before of after cessation of empolyment
 Employer contributions to Provident Fund and interests in excess of the prescribed limits Securities and Stocks as awards 
 Taxable portions of the balance transferred to the newly recognized provident fund Sum payable by the employer to effect an assurance on the life of the employee or to effect a contract for annuity except a recognized PF, Super Annuation Fund and deposit linked insurance fund. 
 Emplyers contribtuins to National Pension Scheme Employers contributions to approved Super Annuation Fund in excess of Rs. 150000 
  Any other fringe benefit or amenity as prescribed in Rule 3 of the Income Tax Rules