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Work is 100% online. But better to approach your local CA. 
1. For Online filing CA/Adv need to create New ID for every Firm.
2. Write full Name with correct spellings in Deed of Partnership and on all the Forms & all the page signature of all the partners is required with the signature of witness.
3. Stamp paper must be in the name of firm or partners 
4. If change in constitution is simultaneous with change in address, both Forms E &B or D are required to be filed.
5. Change in Karta is of HUF is required to be intimated in Form E. In case Death of Karta Form E has to be submitted.
6. Date of filling of documents must be within one month of such notarization.
7. Check date of stamp paper, date of execution of deed and effective date of partnership deed.
8. In case of change in name and also the change in address of the lady partner if occurs on account of marriage then Form D is required to be filed along with attested copy of Marriage Certificate which should necessarily contain changed name and address both.
9. Ensure that the Seal of Notary is put with Red ink and initials of Notary on all pages of the document or form, which is notarized. Name and Address stamp of the Notary on the notarized document or form, along with serial number in the Notary Register of the document being notarized.
10. Rectification application filed under section 64, requesting correction of error signatures of all existing partners are necessary on the application.
11. Letter of authority to appear before the Registrar of Firms for personal hearing can be signed by any one of the existing partners.
12. The stamp paper which is used for execution of Deed of Partnership should be dated within 6months of the date of issue of such stamp paper. This provision is effective from 1-12-1989.
13. Any particular business requiring License to carry out the business the copy of License is to be submitted along with the submission. If License is not obtained then a Undertaking in Affidavit form signed by all the partners should be submitted.
14. The business like Petrol Pump/L.P.G. Gas/Kerosene, Ration Shop/Liquor requires the permission of Licensing authority to carry out business in partnership. In such a cases Copy of License is mandatory.
15. If Deed is not duly stamp or stamp paper is not in the name of the firm or partners then in such cases the deed is required to be Adjudicated by the Stamp Authority.
16. If application is submitted through C.A. or Advocate or any third party other than the firm itself then a Authority letter signed by all the partners is required to be submitted along with the application.