Let's Fight Corruption

A way to fight corruption

posted 8 Sept 2013, 12:51 by CA Kunjan ‎(practising CA)‎ BKC,Mumbai

I, CA Kunjan Shah, feel corruption is India's biggest problem. Hence, I want to try my bit to save our country from it.

Below is my way to fight corruption in India:-
  1. 1st step, download this excel file (coming up in few days)
  2. 2nd step, fill this excel file daily for one full year, with all expenses of your house
  3. 3rd step, take total of expenses 
  4. 4th step, add loans taken and reduce loans given from point 3 (refer excel file for more clarity for this)
  5. 5th step, take total of Gross total income column in ITR acknowledgement of all your family members. 
  6. 6th step, if point 4 is substially more than point 5, ask yourself honestly, have I taken corruption this year? and try to avoid it next year. 
  7. This is just my personal way to save india from corruption.
  8. Jai Hind
  9. CA Kunjan Shah, kunjan@nsc.in , www.nsc.in , 09820750784

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