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(6)  in the case of an individual who is not a citizen of India,—

     (i)  10[***]

11[(ii)  the remuneration received by him as an official, by whatever name called, of an embassy, high commission, legation, commission, consulate or the trade representation of a foreign State, or as a member of the staff of any of these officials, for service in such capacity :

         Provided that the remuneration received by him as a trade commissioner or other official representative in India of the Government of a foreign State (not holding office as such in an honorary capacity), or as a member of the staff of any of those officials, shall be exempt only if the remuneration of the corres-ponding officials or, as the case may be, members of the staff, if any, of the Government resident for similar purposes in the country concerned enjoys a similar exemption in that country :

         Provided further that such members of the staff are subjects of the country represented and are not engaged in any business or profession or employment in India otherwise than as members of such staff ;]

For reading which income is exempt under Indian Income tax Act, please click below attachment.

CA Kunjan (practising CA) BKC,Mumbai,
20 Jul 2011, 04:32