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Prima Facie documents / details that are required to be perused for 15CA and 15cb CA certificate for foreign outward remittance in case of sale proceeds of property

Below is prima facie details required:-

·         A Small write up in your words of the facts of your case.

·         the sale deed (if sale deed was registered, then registered sale deed along with municipal tax assessment bill,  receipts of registration before sub-registrar etc.)

·         purchase deed (when you acquired the property)

·         share certificate (including back side), & NOC from society (if any),

·         any special document, (in case it’s a special kind of property like Mhada, SRA sheme, redevelopment agreement, for sale of land etc.)

·         ITO’s certificate (if you have got it yourself) (generally, this is needed only if you have deposited in capital gain a/c. scheme)

·         Capital gain a/c. scheme papers (if you had deposited the money in the scheme),

·         Seller’s pan card, Seller’s and buyer’s passport /visa (to count no. of days of stay in India to estimate his residential status in year of sale),

·         If property was originally bought by foreign inward funds, state the details.

·         If you wish to make re-investment in another flat/property, state the details of the same including its cost and location and in whose names you wish to buy.

Time required

Once we receive the above papers/details, we take 3 working days to upload 15ca & to issue certificate.

RBI – permission is not required (only your banker will forward a set of 15ca/15cb to RBI)

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